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  • The Bay Area's tribute to the Police and Sting
    The Bay Area's tribute to the Police and Sting


STUNG is here to fill a void we all long for…the sound of The Police…live!

This San Francisco Bay Area band has quickly made a buzz wowing audiences at the hottest Area night clubs and events around the Bay (SF Black & White Ball, Bay to Breakers “Footstock” Concert, Bimbo’s 365 Club), and around the world (Holland Tribute Band Festival). Having even been blessed by a sit-in performance by Police founder / drummer STEWART COPELAND at his Beverly Hills Birthday Party, this trio of gifted musicians have established themselves as the premiere Police experience! STUNG remain dedicated to bringing back that authentic sound that audiences have missed for so long…the sound of the early, the original…The Police.

The sound of The Police is so very distinctive…the poly-rhythmic textures of drummer Stewart Copeland, the guitar sound-scapes of Andy Summers, the reggae bass lines and unmistakable high-pitched wail of Sting. From their 1978 breakthrough album “Outlandous D’Amour” through 1983’s swan song “Synchronicity”, The Police constantly bridged elements of various music styles, blending reggae with punk, jazz, funk and rock, and made a sound all their own. No one sounded like the Police…
…until now.

When you hear STUNG perform their stunning re-creations of The Police’s amazing collection of songs, re-creations of the music by drummer Drew Cueva and guitarist Doug Ott, and the dead-on wail of singer/bassist Brooks “Bee” Lundy, audiences sing along to many of their favorite Police songs, reveling in the old gems and re-discovering the many B-sides that groove. From early Police hits like “Roxanne” and “So Lonely”, to chart toppers like “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, “Every Breath You Take” and “King of Pain”, all those elements are there; the hyper-syncopated rhythm, the dreamy, ethereal guitar, the high pitched wail…you can close your eyes and forget, for a moment, that it is NOT the Police…and then you’ve been STUNG!!!

So come and see for yourself. Come and get STUNG!!!

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Police drummer Stewart Copeland gets STUNG (Pt. 2)


STUNG – Live in the Netherlands


Police drummer Stewart Copeland gets STUNG!

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