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Oakland, CA

2 /17/04
Unfortunately, Sting couldn't make it to our VIP party after his scheduled Tuesday Oakland show! In fact, he didn't show up to his Tuesday show at all!!! But STUNG still rocked the Stork Club in Oakland in his honor (someone's gotta carry the flame!)

Check out pix of STUNG with Sting & band Oakland, Wednesday, 2/18/04

STUNG rocks the damp but loyal crowd!

Rocking out the Spanish nylon guitar on Sting's latest tunes, "Send Your Love" and "Inside"
A small but loyal crowd was there from start to finish, and had us trying some
new tunes and stretching out the jams!
Indeed, the most diehard fans!

Stung lips!
Ahh, now we're rocking!

Break time...

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Eric with Sting's guitarist, DOMINIC MILLER
(Don't get too comfortable there, Dom...he's ours!)


Well, he canceled his show the night we scheduled his after party (ouch - that stings!)

Bee with Sting's producer/ keyboardist KIPPER, with the Oakland YMCA in the background (presumably where Kip got his hair done!

Bee and Eric "stinging" the arriving Paramount crowds!

We didn't get to meet STING, but we did see him rush in to soundcheck (at EXACTLY 4:30). He didn't seem to want to be bugged (perhaps he feared being late?) so we quietly smiled and stepped out of his way!

But we still got to schmooze with the band and crew during soundcheck at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Nothing could keep these die hard Police geeks from getting a peek at the man!

Bee with DOMINIC MILLER and drummer KEITH CARLOCK...this dude shreds ON DRUMS (even plays traditional grip ala
Stewart Copeland!)

Stung r
oadies rule!

KIPPER and Eric -
ghetto fab!
The Man in action at the Paramount in Oakland!

Thanks to Sting's crew, Phil, Donny and Matthew, as well as Paramount staffer Israel for not kicking us to the curb!


Read the SF GATE review of the show here

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